Elisabeth Denis

I’m an interdisciplinary artist with a focus on relational aesthetics, conceptual and social (community orientated) arts who dedicates most of her time to literature (creative writing and reading), filmmaking and ceramics. The interdisciplinary aspect of my work comes to life when crossroads are created for mediums to meet. 

My artworks frequently depict human vulnerability, obsessions and examine identity and intimacy. Described as a detective-like artist, I document my own life and other’s lives.

My photographic work often includes panels of text of my own writing. I delivered work as a videographer, a photographer, a magazine columnist, an event coordinator (film festival, music and concerts, raglan creative market coordinator), a ceramist at Monster Company and a model for photographers and life-drawing classes.

I like my labours to be like a fruit salad, a mixture of the skills I’ve acquired over time due to my fathomless curiosity in the arts sector. I studied cinema, creative writing and literature at a French university (UQAM) in Canada. Working at the border between art and the public, I constantly have to transform complex ideas and academic jargon into something attainable and engaging.

One of my aims is to significantly bring the arts to the streets, to disrupt people’s day to day and offer an unexpected and upheaval surprise. 

I don’t believe that kids should only be led to making enchanted childish work and smiley faces in ceramic plates, I think they should be taken as seriously as adults and be asked deep questions in order to create something meaningful and of importance for them. Kids are spiritually alert and open … it is a gift that should be explored earnestly. 

”Élisabeth Denis (elladoucira on Instagram) is a poet, a photographer, a potter, and a filmmaker. Thought provoking, inspiring, and unconventional, she uses innovative methods to explore territory some may prefer to keep uncharted.”  – Richard Potter, published inRaglan’s LOCAL RAG.

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Elisabeth’s Courses

2022 Course

2023 January / Term 1

You can pre-book for Early Bird discounts

Introduction to Community Art through Clay (5–12yo)

10 week program with Elisabeth Denis

Introduce your little ones to the importance of producing art for the public eyes, for their communit.

Creative Writing for Adults

4 week program with Elisabeth Denis

Find your author’s voice and finish a writing piece. You’ll go home with a full toolbox to write better and create interesting stories.

Introduction to Photography (5–12yo)

10 week program with Elisabeth Denis

Introduce youth to the expressive use of photography + exhibition at the end.

Interdisciplinary Art (Photography meets Writing)

4 week program with Elisabeth Denis

Explore the mediums of photography and writing. Find ways to tell stories by creating intersections for photography and writing to meet as two seperate mediums or as one body of work.