Loesje de Bree

Loesje de Bree profile photo 2023

Loesje is a multi-disciplinary artist and art-therapist, living in Raglan:

I am a member of Raglan-art, take part in local exhibitions and some of my work is represented by the Wharf gallery.

My artwork, paintings and sculptures are inspired by how human beings relate to self and others in our forever-changing world…

The images may remind us of our own inner-world and/or provide an insight into the inner-world of others: “Reflection on life creates a meaningful life.”

With my sculptures I create imaginary creatures, a fusion of animal- and human- features, expressing similarities as well as differences.

Facilitating workshops to me is a joyful, 2-way experience!

I am fascinated and inspired by other people’s enthusiasm and courage to create personal and original artworks!

Loesje’s Course for early 2023

Papier Mache workshop, 4 weeks

Papier Mâché Workshops

4 week course with Loesje de Bree

These workshops are an opportunity to enjoy some me-time while connecting with other creatives.

You will be amazed by your creations as well as feeling great about the ability to make something special out of, often discarded, recycled materials!

4 Wednesdays from April 5th, 10am–2pm

Adults, $200, materials supplied