Feature Wall

The Stuart Shepherd Archives

A selection of art and objects from my collection as an Artist / Curator. Things that have attracted me over the years. This is a selected studio sale … I’m cleaning out my closet. Some pieces will be available for sale, some pieces will simply be for show, because I’m still too attached and can’t face the separation!

Self-Taught Art

I marvel at the work of particular self- taught artists and have been inspired by the original creative spirit of their work.
I know Im not alone in feeling that the work of trained artists often feels so “culturally digested” that it loses any essential flavour.
I will show some of my favourite pieces that I consider to be … tasty.

A Revolving Feature Wall

Where I get to display stuff (treasure) I have carted around with me forever.
I have also collected objects that might be considered folksy or kitsch, things that delight me, things that make me smile.
Things that probably inform the sculptural and painterly stuff I make.


Including some of the hundreds of life drawing studies I have produced.
I have always been challenged by life drawing, and the effort to capture the attitude of a pose, and the character of hands and feet as indicators of that pose.
I admire anyone who can draw really well and get hands.
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Thanks to Brian the Lion for encouraging me to put work up on this wall. Also thanks to curator/collector John Perry whose passion and whose brilliant collection was an inspiration, and to Peter Faye collector and curator and Edward Gomez curator and writer.

Looking for something in particular

Commissions taken upon request

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