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Summer School

January 2023


Advance Notice for January 2023

Immersive courses designed for all levels of experience.
All details subject to confirmation.
Participant numbers are limited to enable focussed and effective learning.

Laborartry Summer Arts School 2023

Course Modules A :: January 20-21-22

9am–4pm approx each day, depending on the course
6 hours of focussed tutoring and exercises each day, with lunch breaks

Experimental Printmaking #2
with Dyana Wells

Woodcuts, lino and silkscreens.

In this workshop we will be working with traditional methods to make striking prints and posters. Students will be encouraged to add mixed media and use mono printing and reduction methods to develop their work through several stages. This is easier than it sounds.

In the screen printing section we will be making stencils as masks for printing onto paper and fabric.

Go home with a personalised teeshirt, dress, pillow case, or cushion cover.

No previous printing experience necessary.

Limited to 6 participants.

Rodrigo Hill photography workshop

Photographic Storytelling
with Rodrigo Hill

Shape your creativity and develop your voice as a photographer.

For intermediate / hobbyists / semi-professional creatives who wish to shape their own styles in photo media.

Participants will follow an intensive 4-day programme and will be exposed to relevant case studies, conventions, photographic genres, styles and representational strategies.

You will develop your photography practice and skills and, with critiques and discussion, work towards an edited themed portfolio you can present.

Limited to 6 participants.

Wax to Bronze
with Stuart Shepherd

Students will be introduced to the process of planar wax sculpting and the principles of 3D design.

Day 1: Introduction to the process and materials, and begin working with the wax.
Day 2: review of first day’s work, continue refining work, introduction to various casting techniques.
Day 3: discussion and finalisation of work. Preparation of the finished pieces for transport to the foundry.

Limited to 6 participants.

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Course Modules B :: January 23-24-25

9am–4pm approx each day, depending on the course
6 hours of focussed tutoring and exercises each day, with lunch breaks 

Painting – Finding Your Voice
with Dyana Wells

This course is a journey about navigating chaos and structure, intuition and thinking, bold and gentle etc – complementary orientations as applicable to your own life as to your painting life.

In this course you are welcome to use whatever medium you like, eg watercolour, acrylic, oil pastels, soft pastels, coloured pencils, ink etc. You may wish to experiment with several.

Limited to 6 participants.

website design and optimisation

Design and Optimisation for Creative Websites with Brian Thurogood

Learn to create a new website using the latest Website Builder options.

Understand the limitations of the “free” website builders, and why you don’t want to be locked into their platform – and their true costs.

Learn how to upgrade/update your existing website to include the latest design tools.

Understand why Search Engine Optimisation is a minefield, and yet easy to action when you use the top 5 tips.

Limited to 8 participants.

Laborartry Arts School Summer Program 2023 with Wanda Barker

Art of Nostalgia and Memento
with Wanda Barker

Participants will bring objects, mementos, fabric or items of clothing that hold meaning for them and that they’re prepared to cut, rip, glue, paint and reassemble.

We will explore the stories of the objects throughout day one, and how they might be remade, either on canvas or as sculptural pieces.

We will choose a palette and mediums to explore on paper, using building foam, tape and glue guns, embellishing the work with paint, or card collage, fabric, beads, glitter or crafted elements, i.e. crochet.

Participants limited to 8