Tuesdays 02 April to 11 June.

A 10-week block offering foundation classes where you will learn how to dissect your script for character cues, and how to tap into your physical vessel to achieve that well-rounded character that audiences can connect to.

A perfect rebound for the Film Club student looking to dig deeper in character work or for the individual wanting to tap into their own instincts and/or emotional intelligence.

In weeks two to five, we will look at context, intentions, and motivations. In weeks six to nine, we dig a little deeper, with intuition, movement, and improv.

Please note: Night of 07 May – tutor will be on stage in Te Awamutu’s season of Middle Age Spread. Feel free to come out!

Join Patricia Wichman as she shares with you her 20+ years experience in Film, TV, and Theatre, as an Actor and Theatre Director.

Feel free to email me, if you have any questions – patricia@patriciawichman.com

Fees: $200 (Payment Plan options available)

Minimum Class number: 8
Maximum Class number: 12

Location: Raglan Town Hall Supper Room.

Early Bird booking until 28 February: $160
See notes in Sidebar about payment

About Patricia Wichman

I’ve known since the age of 2, that pretending to be other people was what I wanted to be. I started out as an extra at the age of 23, looking for every opportunity to learn, to grow.

That led me to Improv, to Community Theatre, to Commercials, to Film, to TV, to Theatre, to Los Angeles, to France, and my place of birth, Rarotonga.

My acting career has exposed me to a multitude of people, disciplines, and from there, resources for my tool belt.

If nothing else, this is what I hope my students achieve – at least one resource to equip your own tool belt. A tool to tap into, when your choices are not instantly recognisable.

What I truly hope you achieve however, is my greatest love about this work. The conversations that take place as we peel back the layers and the magic that materialises as we begin to embody our characters.

For the audience, they not only hear and see, but they also ‘feel’ the essence of a person they can relate to. Makes for a satisfying experience for all.

Whether your character is an ink on paper or yourself, we are complex creatures. Peeling back those layers, discovering what makes your person tick, providing strong choices that you, the actor, can anchor your mind and your body to.

For those wishing to discover more about themselves, we call that anchor “living in the moment”. In other words, how to be more present.

I look forward to sharing my passion for this work, with you.

Acting Classes for Adults in raglan 2024 with Patricia Wichman